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 You and Deep Shiny Cleaning  PLATFORM, INC (the “Company,” “we,” or “us”) have agreed to these terms of usage. Whether you are a registered user or a guest, the access you have and utilization of Deep Shiny Cleaning .com, including all materials, performance, and services provided on or through Deep Shiny Cleaning .com (the “Website”), are governed by these terms and conditions as well as any other documents that they expressly include by reference. Together, they are referred to as the “Terms of Use.”

Before using the website, please carefully review the Terms of Use. By accessing and using this Website, or by selecting the option to agree or consent to the Terms of Use when it is presented to you, you acknowledge and agree that these Terms of Usage and our Privacy Policy, which can be seen at https://Deep Shiny Cleaning .com/privacy-policy/, will apply to you. You are not permitted to browse or use the Website if you disagree with the Terms of Usage or the Privacy Policy.

Users who are at least 13 years old and who live in the United States or other of its territories or domains are welcome to use this website. You guarantee and declare that you are of the required age to enter into a legally binding agreement with the Company and that you fulfill all the eligibility conditions listed above by using this Website. You are not permitted to browse or utilize the Website unless you comply with all of these conditions.


These Terms of Use may be updated and revised at any moment, in our own discretion. All modifications take effect as soon as we publish them online and are applicable to all future access to and usage of the website.

You understand and consent to the changes if you continue to use the website after the updated terms of use are posted. Every time you visit this website, you should check this page to be informed of any modifications, as they have legal effect on you.


At our complete discretion and without prior warning, we hold the right to remove or modify this Website, as well as any services or range we present on it. If, for whatever reason an, any part of the Website is unavailable at any point or for any period, we shall not be kept accountable. We secure the liberty to deny individuals, even recorded users, pass to particular areas or the entirety of the Website.

You might be required to submit certain registration information or other details in order to utilize the Website or certain portions of the materials it provides. Your use of the website is contingent upon you providing accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information at all times. By using any interactive features on this website, for example, you agree that any information you provide will be governed by our https://Deep Shiny Cleaning .com/privacy-policy/, and you agree to any actions we take with respect to your information that are in line with our privacy policy.

As part of our security protocols, if you select or are given your user name, password, or any other type of information, you are required to treat it as confidential and not share it with any other individual or organization. Additionally, you agree that your account is private to you and that you will not use your password, user name, or other security details to grant anyone else get to this website or any part of it. You also promise to alert us right once of any other security breach or unauthorized use of your password or user name. Additionally, you commit to making sure you log out of your account at the conclusion of each session. In order to prevent others from viewing or recording your password or other private data, you should exercise extra caution when using your user account from a shared or public computer.

Any user name, as well as password, or other identification that you choose or that we supply, may be disabled at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, if we believe you have broken any of these Terms of Use.


Direct contracts for Services are made between Users of the Website and Platform and other Users. The Company shall not enter into any agreements for the provision of services.

The Company provides a means of exchanging money, hence enabling these contracts.

For every service that is requested, the Company Service Requesters provide Service Payments.

Following the scheduling of a service, Deep Shiny Cleaning  will mark it as closed if the Deep Shiny Cleaning  Service Requester does not file a complaint. The agreed-upon payment will then be forwarded to the Independent Cleaning Professional’s online account. The Deep Shiny Cleaning  Web Service is required to be used to make the Service Payment. Refunds are not available for any Service Payments made with cash other than through Deep Shiny Cleaning  Web Service.


Every service that is booked will be covered by the Deep Shiny Cleaning  Satisfaction Promise for the client, with the following exclusions applied:

  • Deep Shiny Cleaning ‘s terms of service are not broken by the planned service;
  • within 48 hours of the service, you reported the claim; and
  • There are no unpaid balances owing to the company on your Deep Shiny Cleaning  Platform account.

The following are excluded from the Deep Shiny Cleaning  Satisfaction Promise:

  • losses resulting from natural disasters, such as pollution, earthquakes, and weather-related phenomena like hurricanes and tornadoes;
  • losses brought on by a halt to operations, a loss of market, a reduction in revenue, or a loss of usage;
  • losses resulting from theft and property damage that exceed the item’s replacement worth or original value, less any customary depreciation;
  • damages brought on by a client’s or third party’s negligence;
  • losses brought on by a product’s or manufacturer’s flaws;
  • losses resulting from pre-existing conditions or damages to the object or property;
  • losses resulting from client-supplied items or from client recommendations (for example, when a manufacturer suggests attaching furnishings to a wall and a client chooses not to have it done, etc.);
  • losses due to water damage and/or flooding, including bacterial, fungal, or mold growth;
  • losses brought on by terrorist activities, products containing dangerous or toxic -*-+materials, liability for products, or pollution;
  • losses of securities, gift cards from third parties, and cash;
  • damages resulting from intentional wrong doing, theft of property valued at more than USD $2,500;
  • losses resulting from typical deterioration;
  • losses for objects that continue to function;
  • losses attributed to intangibles with emotive or unrecorded worth;
  • losses resulting from repairs made outside of the location where cleaning services were provided;
  • pet losses, individual accountability, or harm to common or shared spaces;
  • losses from theft for which the company has not received a legitimate police report, and losses for which there is not enough supporting evidence.


The business offers a software platform that lets you communicate with self-employed professionals. No Professional is employed by the Company. You understand that we have no authority to oversee, regulate, or direct the work of professionals or the provision of services by them. For all intents and purposes, Professional acts as a private contractor for you and is not an agent, partner, joint venture, employee, or affiliate of the business.


The Website and its features, functionality, and contents (including but not limited to data, software, written content, displays, pictures, videos, and audio) are owned by the Company or other suppliers of such material. Trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent, and other ownership or legislation pertaining to proprietary rights protect the Website in the United States and other countries.

You are only allowed to use the Website for private, non-public purposes in accordance with these Terms of Use. Unless specified below, you are not authorized to download, save, reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works from, openly display, publicly perform, republish, or disseminate any of the content available on our Website.

  • In the course of accessing and viewing such materials, your device may momentarily save copies of the data needed.
  • To improve display quality, you can save files your web browser automatically caches.
  • For your own exclusive, non-commercial use only, you are allowed to print [or download] a single copy of a respectable number of pages from the Website; more copies, publications, or distribution are not permitted.
  • Should we offer desktop, mobile, or other programs for download, you approve to be legally bound by our end user licensing agreement and are allowed to save a single copy to your desktop or handheld device for your private, non-commercial use only.
  • If we offer certain content along with social networking capabilities, you are free to act in ways that these features permit

One should not:

  • Modify any content found on this website.
  • Any pictures, photos, audio or video clips, or other graphics should be used independently of the text that goes with them.
  • Remove or modify any notices pertaining to trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights from this Website’s content.

You are not permitted to access or utilize any portion of the Website, together with any services or resources made available via it, for profit.

Unauthorized printing, copying, modification, downloading or usage of any part of the Website is a breach of the said Terms of Use and will end up in prompt cessation of your permission to access and utilize the Website. It is crucial to comply with the terms of use to avoid any legal or penalty issues that may arise. We reserve the right to require you to return or remove any copies of the content you have made at our discretion. You do not acquire any rights, titles or interests in the Website or a part of its content; the Company retains all rights not specifically granted. Usage of the site that is not authorized by the conditions of use is prohibited and may be illegal under trademark, copyright, and other mandated laws.


The Company, its affiliates, and its licensors own all trademark rights to the Company name, logo, items and services, names, designs, and slogans. Such marks may not be used without the Company’s prior written consent. The trademarks of the companies that own them are any other labels, logos, goods and services, names, designs, and statements on this website.


Only legitimate uses of the Website in compliance with these Terms of Use are permitted. You agree to not using this Website:

  • In any way that violates any appropriate global, state, local, or national regulation law (including, but not limited to, laws governing the export of software or data to and from the United States or other countries).
  • For the aim of requesting personally identifiable information from kids, exposing them to improper content, or generally taking advantage of, injuring, or attempting to harm minors in any way.
  • Sending, receiving, downloading, uploading, using, or reusing any material that doesn’t stick to the guidelines outlined in these conditions of use.
  • To send commercial or promotional material, obtain written authorization first. To send commercial or promotional material, get written permission first.
  • To act to be the Company, an employee of the Company, another account user, or another person or institution (including, but not limited to, using screen names or email addresses connected to any of the aforementioned).
  • To take part in any other activity that, in our opinion, could endanger the Company, the Website’s users, or subject them to liability, or that limits or inhibits someone’s ability to use or enjoy the Website.


  • Utilize the Website in any way that could cause it to become unusable, overloaded, damaged, or impaired. You should also avoid interfering with the use of the Website by third parties, including their capacity to participate in real-time activities on the Website.
  • Utilize any automated tool, procedure, or method to gain access to the Website for any cause, including maintaining a trace of or duplicating any content found there.
  • Use any manual procedure, without our previous written consent, to monitor or reproduce any material on the Website, or for any other reason not specifically permitted in these Terms of Use.
  • Use any means, application, or technique that stops the Website from operating as intended.
  • Introduce any dangerous or technologically hazardous material, such as worms, viruses, or other threats.
  • Attempt to access any portion of the Website without authorization, interfere with, harm, or disrupt it, the server that the Website is hosted on a computer system, or database that is linked to the Website.
  • Use a distributed refusal-of-service attack or a denial-of-service assault against the Website.
  • If not, make an effort to obstruct the Website’s normal operation.


  • Utilize the website in any way that could cause it to become unusable, overloaded, damaged, or impaired. You should also avoid interfering with the use of the website by third parties, including their capacity to participate in real-time activities on the website.
  • Utilize any automated tool, procedure, or method to gain access to the website for any reason, including keeping track of or duplicating any content found there.
  • Use any manual process, without our prior written approval, to monitor or copy any content on the Website, or for any other reason not specifically permitted in these Terms of Use.
  • Use any tool, program, or technique that prevents the website from operating as intended.
  • Introduce any dangerous or technologically hazardous content, such as worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, viruses, or other threats.
  • Attempt to access any portion of the website without authorization, interfere with, harm, or disrupt it, the server that the website is hosted on, or any server, a computer system, or database that is linked to the website.
  • Use a distributed denial-of-service attack or a denial-of-service assault against the website.
  • If not, make an effort to obstruct the Website’s normal operation.


The Website may include discussion boards, chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards, personal webpages or profiles, and other interactive functions (collectively, “Interactive Services”). These features enable users to submit, release, display, or send information or materials (collectively, “User Contributions”) to other users or individuals (hereinafter, “post”).

These Terms of Use’s Content Standards must be followed by all User Contributions.

Your User Contributions on the website will be regarded as non-proprietary and non-confidential. You give us, our affiliates, our suppliers of services, and each of their and ours licensees, successors, and allocates the right to utilize, reproduce, alter, execute, exhibit, disseminate and otherwise reveal to third parties any User Contribution you post on the Website for any purpose and in accordance with your account settings.

You guarantee and represent that:

You are the owner or in charge of all rights pertaining to the User Contributions, and you are authorized to grant us, our affiliates, suppliers of services, and any of their and our corresponding licensees, replacements, and assigns the license mentioned above.

Your User Contributions are all compliant with our Terms of Use, and they always will be.

You understand and agree that any User Contributions you provide are your responsibility. You bear complete responsibility for this material, including its appropriateness, correctness, dependability, and legality, and not the Company.

Regarding the veracity or substance of any User Contributions that you or another user of the Website post, we bear no liability or responsibility to any third party.


It is our right to:

  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to delete or decline to publish any User Contributions.
  • Take any action regarding any User Contribution that we, in our absolute discretion, determine to be necessary or appropriate. This includes acting in the event that a User Contribution breaches the Terms of Use, which includes the Content Standards, violates any intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties, endangers the public’s or users’ personal safety, or may expose the Company to liability.
  • If a third party requests information about you or your identification because they believe something you posted infringes their rights—including their right to privacy or their intellectual property rights—you must provide that information.
  • Take necessary legal action for any illegal or improper use of the Website, including but not limited to reporting it to police enforcement.
  • suspend or terminate your use of all or a portion of the website for any reason, including, but not limited to, breaking these terms of use.

Without limiting the aforementioned, we shall be at liberty to fully cooperate with any governmental agencies or a court order that asks or directs us to provide the name or other details of anybody submitting content on or over the Website. You agree to release and hold responsible the company, its subsidiaries, license holders, and suppliers of services from any claims arising from any action the company takes or from actions taken as a result of the company’s or law enforcement authorities’ investigations.

Nevertheless, we are unable to verify all content before it is uploaded to the website and cannot guarantee that offensive content will be quickly removed once it has been uploaded. As a result, we disclaim all responsibility for any conduct or inaction pertaining to conversations, transmissions, or content supplied by users or other third parties. No one is subject to our liability or obligation for our performance—or lack thereof—of the tasks outlined in this section.


Every one of the User Contributions and uses of Interactive Services are subject to these content standards. User Contributions must adhere to all relevant laws at the local, state, federal, and international levels and regulations in their totality. In addition to the already mentioned, User Contributions are unable to:

  • Include any content that is offensive, violent, hateful, inflammatory, abusive, vulgar, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Encourage violence, sexually suggestive or pornographic content, or prejudice against people on the basis of their age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or disability.
  • Violate any intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other rights held by third parties.
  • Violate another person’s legal rights (such as their right to privacy or publicity), contain any information that might expose them to legal liability in either a civil or criminal capacity under the terms of any applicable laws or regulations, or otherwise be at odds with these conditions of use and our privacy policy, which can be found at__________________________
  • Be capable of tricking anyone.
  • Encourage any unlawful behavior, or support, encourage, or assist in any illegal act.
  • Irritate, inconvenience, or induce unnecessary worry in others, or have the potential to anger, shame, frighten, or annoy them.
  • Falsely claim to be someone else or to be affiliated with any organization or individual, or impersonate someone.
  • Involve sales or commercial activities, such as advertising, bartering, prize draws, and other sales promotions.
  • Give the false impression that they originate from or are supported by us or another individual or organization.


The information provided on or via the Website is intended solely for public informative purposes, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy, comprehensiveness, or usefulness. You bear full responsibility for any dependence you may hold on such data. We waive any responsibility or liability for any dependence that you or any other website user may set on such information or that anybody may be knowledgeable about any of its data.

Content from third parties, such as posts from bloggers, other users, and third-party suppliers, syndicators, aggregators of and/or reporting services, may be included on this Website. Except for content supplied by the Company, any statements or viewpoints provided in these materials, articles, answers to queries, and other content are the exclusive opinions and obligation of the person or institution that submitted those materials. The Company’s opinions are not always reflected in these documents. Regarding the accuracy or content of any items given by third parties, neither you nor any other person may hold us liable.


Although we might occasionally update the information on this Website, it is not always accurate or full. We disclaim all responsibility to update any content on the Website that might be outdated at any point.


The following website privacy statement applies to all information we collect: insert website here. You agree to all activities we take in accordance with the Privacy Policy about your information when you use the Website.


You are free to link to our main page as long as you follow the law, treat us fairly, and don’t exploit or harm our reputation. However, you can’t link in any manner that implies an affiliation, endorsement, or approval of any kind without our prior written consent.

Certain social media tools on our website can allow you to:

  • Connect to specific material on this website from your own website or from websites owned by third parties.
  • Provide specific content from this website, or links to specific content, in emails or other correspondence.
  • Permit specific sections of this website’s content to appear or be presented on your own or specific third-party websites.

You may only use these features in accordance with the manner described by us, only in relation to the material that they are presented with, and only in compliance with any further guidelines we may offer on such features. In light of the aforementioned, you must not:

  • Create a link from any site that is not yours.
  • Cause the Website—or parts of it—to appear on or be displayed on any other website through the use of in-line, deep, or frame links, among other methods.
  • Connect to any other area of the website than the home page.
  • If not, you may act in a way that violates any other clause in these conditions of use with regard to the content on this website.

The website you are linking to or making specific content available on has to adhere to the Content Standards outlined in these Terms of Use in all respects.

You consent to assist us in putting an immediate halt to any unlawful framing or linking. Without prior warning, we retain the right to revoke permission to link.

At any moment and without prior notice, we reserve the right to disable any or all social media services and any links.


In the event that the Website has links to external websites and resources, please note that these links are offered solely for your convenience. This covers links found in sponsored links and banner ads, among other types of advertisements. We disclaim all liability for the information found on those websites and other resources, as well as for any harm or loss you might sustain as a result of using them. You use any third-party websites that are linked to this website at your own risk and according to the terms and conditions that apply to those websites.


The website’s owner is headquartered in the American state of Massachusetts. We only allow users who are based in the United States to access this website. We make no guarantees regarding the suitability or accessibility of the Website or any of its material for use outside of the United States. It might not be legal for some people or nations to access the website. You voluntarily use the Website from locations outside of the United States, and you are in charge of adhering to local laws if you do so.


It is acknowledged that there is no guarantee or warranty provided by us that files downloaded via the internet or this website will not include viruses or other harmful software. You are in charge of putting in place enough protocols to meet your specific needs for the input and output of data correctness and anti-virus security, as well as of keeping an external mechanism for any failed data reconstruction. As a result of your usage of the site, any assistance or interests acquired through it, the downloading of any content published on it or on any website connected to it, or any other material that is technologically damaging that may affect your computer devices, applications, data, or other private material, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


Not to be limited to the aforementioned, neither the organization nor anyone connected with it makes any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, error-free operation, or uninterrupted nature of the website, its material, or any assistance or products acquired through it; the correction of defects; the absence of viruses or other malware that may be downloaded from our website or the main server that hosts it; or the general suitability of the website, its contents, or any products obtained through it for your conditions or anticipations.

The Company denies any guarantees of any sort, whether implied or express, statutorily mandated or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law. This includes, but is not limited to, any guarantees of commercial viability, not infringing, and fitting for a particular purpose.



In the event that you violate these terms of use or use the website in any way, including but not limited to your User Contributions, any use of the website’s material, products and services, and products other than as specifically permitted in these terms of use, or your use of any information collected through the website, you consent to safeguard, compensate, and maintain innocuous the Company, its associates, licensors, and product providers, as well as its and their corresponding executives, staff, contractors, agents, licensees, providers, successors, and allocates from and against any lawsuits, penalties, impairments, critiques, distinctions, expenses, costs, fees or payments (including proper lawyers’ fees).


Everything connecting to the Website and these Terms of Use, and any claim or dispute resulting therefrom or related thereto , shall be guided by and considered by the inner regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with no giving influence to any choice or disagreement of regulation requirement or law (whether of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).

Although we secure the privilege to bring a lawsuit, act, or proceeding toward you for violation of these Terms of Use in your country or any other applicable country, any lawful claim, action, or proceeding resulting to these Conditions or the Website will be brought solely in the national courts of the United States or the benches of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You renounce any and all objections to these courts’ exercising their jurisdiction over you and to their location.


The Company may not waive any term or condition contained in these Terms of Use, nor may it waive any other term or condition. Moreover, the Company’s failure to make use of a right or provision according to these Terms of Use will not be construed as a waiver of that right or provision.


All previous and subsequent conclusions, arrangements, representations, and guarantees, both written and oral, regarding the Website, are superseded by the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which together form the exclusive and complete agreement between you and Deep Shiny Cleaning, respecting the Website.