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Office Cleaning Checklist

An office cleaning list emphasizes the scope of services to be provided, allowing for modification as needed.

While a great number of professional cleaning companies offer a wide choices of services, not all are required daily or weekly. That is why it is crucial to work together with you chosen cleaning company to decide on your specific needs and scheduling the service.  This joint effort leads to a tailored cleaning checklist that perfectly fits your business and its cleaning demands.

Each commercial establishment differs greatly and we at Deep Shiny Cleaning can attest to that. We customize different cleaning lists in accordance to the company’s needs. We offer full flexibility and highly value our client’s needs as well as what they want, especially those tasks that is needed to be done daily, weekly, and monthly

Below, you can check some commonly required cleaning tasks that is categorized by its frequent need:

To maintain cleanliness in the office space, reception and lobby areas, follow these steps:

Daily Tasks

Toilet and Washroom Facilities


Weekly Tasks

Monthly Tasks

Staff Cleaning Recommendations

The office staff also has an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of their office space. This includes:

Computers, Mouse, and Keyboards

These devices can harbor more germs than a toilet seat. Regularly using of clean wipes and sprays can resolve this issue. It is also beneficial to avoid getting food over your keyboard.


Desk drawers often become cluttered with a horde of items. It is important to clear out unnecessary items every now and then. If food or snacks are kept inside the drawers, make sure they are sealed and not kept for long.


Regular cleaning of headsets with antibacterial wipes is crucial, especially for shared handsets

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